Run 2 – Group runs are cheaper than therapy

Run number two done. Lucky enough to have my sister-in-law Megan join me for the first 4km. RunSmart is not only about learning from the audiobooks I listen to but also the people I run with. Whenever I run with with friends or family it’s tradition to get a selfie – Check it out below.

Today I read two articles that I found appropriate. This article about the 85 year marathon runner Ed Whitlock who broke 4 hours. It’s worth mentioning at age 73 he did a 2hr 55 min marathon – breaking 4 hours is a life goal for me so doing it at this age is beyond comprehendible.

As a man who loves to take photos whilst I run I  found this post on the Strava blog pretty cool too.

Until tomorrow – Keep running towards better!


I listened to 21% of Running Man by Charlie Engle

Today’s route can be found here:

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