Run 4 – Bad Water

Today’s run has been the coldest of the year, -3 degrees outside and still pitch dark at 7am. There’s something I love about being out on the road before the sun rises. A head start, a greater appreciation for the gradual awaking of the sun (when it shines) , the runners high at the start of the day…it just feels like I’m winning before the day has even got going.

Highlight of my listening to Running Man today, and inspiration for today’s title was my learning of the race Bad Water, supposedly the toughest footrace on earth. It covers 217 km non-stop from the basin of Death Valley in California. I thought an appropriate title given this morning’s slippery ice. Also, in today’s listening Charlie decided that he will run across the Sahara desert – The charitable institution that Charlie and team raise money for is H2O Africa, an initiative supporting the water crisis.

Today one of the guys from my local run group shared this article: Lycra leggings – the final step in the evolution of a running fanatic – I can relate. Can you?

Until tomorrow, keep running towards better!

I listened to 49% of Running Man by Charlie Engle

Today’s route can be found here:

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