Run 16 – Inexplicable beauty

Another great show by mother nature today. The beauty in Bushy Park at this time of year really is something. I stopped for over 10 minutes purely cause I couldn’t stop myself taking photos. My three favourites below; although another 25 or so you can find here.

The E Myth contains lessons I feel like I know but have never heard in such a succinct, structured, and slightly sarcastic manner. It’s a reminder of the realities in starting a business and what lays beyond the initial romantic idea of starting-up. Michale puts it down to a condition of infancy and adolescence. I think it’s worth adding ignorance too.

Races – Yesterday evening I caught-up with my buddy Nick from South Africa who was in town for business. As always we got talking running and he suggested I sign up for 2017 Comrades Ultra. It’s without doubt on my running bucket list but won’t be doing the 86km down to Durban from Pietermaritzburg this year. If you have a spare 12 hours you can watch last year’s race here.

Words of wisdom – if you don’t already use Momentum I strongly advise giving it a shot. Great browser plug-in which gives you daily words of wisdom, and epic photos, weather, and even asks you by name what your main focus for the day is. Check it out here.

Until tomorrow, keep running toward better!

I listened to 21% of The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

Today’s route can be found here:

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