Run 19 – Numbers

I subscribe to a number of newsletters of which Darius Foroux is one. Before I headed out on my run this morning I read a post he put up on why he runs – this made me think a little more about why I run…turns out it’s simple…to get better! This tied nicely into my listening of the E-Myth today as Michael talks about the importance of the numbers (snippet here). In short, it’s pretty hard to get better at something if you having nothing to benchmark against. Darius may not like tracking his running splits but I’m sure he tracks his blog analytics. The point is this; if you want to get better at something it’s you need to know how you’re tracking. Find out what’s important to you and start monitoring it as one day you’ll need to answer this.

Until tomorrow, keep running towards better!

I listened to 49% of The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

Today’s route can be found here:

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