Run 24 – Make friends with pain

…and you’ll never be alone (snippet here). These are the words of Kenneth Chlouber, founder of the Leadville Trail 100, aka The Race Across the Sky. It’s an ultra marathon held annually on trails roads near LeadvilleColorado, that cuts through the middle of the Rocky Mountains. First run in 1983, runners in the race climb and descend 4,800 m (half way up Mount Everest), with elevations ranging between 9,200–12,620 feet.  It makes sense that a man who conceptualised and created such a gruelling event has such clarity around the reality of life. Running has countless metaphors that relate to the rest of life and I thought this was a goodie.

Another good quote from today’s listening (snippet here) which got me pondering was:

“You live up to your own expectations”  

Made me think about what my expectations of me are. What are yours?

Until tomorrow, keep running towards better!

I listened to 26% of Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

Today’s route can be found here:

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