Run 28 – Food for thought

Yesterday I ate out four times. Pret, Itsu, Five guys and Zizzi…if you’re not familiar with UK restaurants (I feel better if we don’t call them fast food) that converts to; sandwich, sushi, burger and pizza…all in one day.WTF?  

Coincidentally majority of this morning’s listening was Christopher talking about the terrible diet of westerners and how much better off we’d be if we reverted back to the basic fruit, veg, and grain diets of our earlier ancestors…I felt like he was talking directly to me. 

It’s no secret that a good diet is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle, and the better you eat the better feel. I sometimes think that because I run almost a fair bit that I’m exempt. The question I asked myself today was how much better I’d run if I jacked up the diet? 

Until tomorrow, keep running towards better! 

I listened to 83% of Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

Today’s route can be found here:

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