Run 32 – Inverse

Can’t say I was desperate to get out the door this morning…truth is I had a few beers last night. If I want to follow the river and not come back on myself the shortest loop I can do is 10km. I only wanted to do 8km so opted to run out 4km then turn back on myself for the 4km return. For some reason running back on myself just doesn’t feel great. That said, depending on how you look at it, there is one advantage to this approach…you know exactly what you’re in for.

In today’s listening Griffin writes (snippet here) about Charlie’s inverse approach to forecasting. It’s summed up nicely in the below quote.

“To understand how to be happy in life Charlie will study how to make life miserable.”

Until tomorrow, keep running towards better!

I listened to 71% of Charlie Munger by Tren Griffin

Today’s route can be found here:

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