Run 37 – Yes man

Just last week I wrote a post titled less is more – you know, don’t over do it, rest when your body tells you to, say no when you’re injured and your running buds invite you to a 30km trail run in the Surrey Hills. Did I practice the words I preached? No. Did I listen to my wife as I hobbled after out the door? Of course not. Would I be hurting today if I didn’t head out for the run? No. Was it awesome? Hell yes!

 “Sometimes you just have to say yes and deal with the consequences.” 

Today’s run seemed to present a number of “yes/no” questions which would have undoubtedly produced very different results. The “no” I believe would have produced results I’m familiar with, but saying “yes” I discovered a whole lot more; a plethora of new running tracks on my doorstep, Georgie/Jeff/Simon who we met along the way (pic below), a fury cow at the top of a misty hill, an amazing breakfast spot in Shere called the Dabbling Duck, and of course the new found pain in my right calf.

So, as Jim Carey says in the movie Yes Man “Yeah, sure, that would be great, I’d love that”

Until tomorrow, keep running toward better!

I listened to 71% of Charlie Munger by Tren Griffin (No listening. Ran with friends)

Today’s route can be found here:

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