Run 24 – Make friends with pain

Posted on 31st January 2017

…and you’ll never be alone (snippet here). These are the words of Kenneth Chlouber, founder of the Leadville Trail 100, aka The Race Across the Sky. It’s an ultra marathon held annually on trails roads near Leadville, Colorado, that cuts through the middle of the Rocky Mountains. First run in 1983, runners in the race climb and descend 4,800 m (half way up Mount Everest), with elevations ranging between 9,200–12,620 feet.  It makes sense that a man who conceptualised and created such a gruelling event hasRead More

Run 23 – The lion and gazelle

Posted on 28th January 2017

6:07 – That’s the fastest mile I have logged on Strava ever. Also, every runner knows…if it ain’t on Strava it did’t happen. I started listing to Born to Run by Christopher McDougall today, an epic adventure that began with one simple question: Why does my foot hurt? In search of an answer, Christopher ventures off to find a tribe of the world’s greatest distance runners and learn their secrets. In the opening chapters Christopher makes reference (snippet here) of one of myRead More

Run 22 – The curtain

Posted on 27th January 2017

The gent in the picture below is John Cabot. Before researching him after my run today I knew nothing about him…turns out he really is a man worthy of a statue. In 1497 he sailed from Bristol harbour on a ship named Mathew (replica pictured below) discovering of parts of North America under the commission of Henry VII of England. This was commonly held to have been the first European exploration of the mainland of North America since the Norse Vikings‘ visits to Vinland in theRead More

Run 21 – Talk to us

Posted on 26th January 2017

I’ll admit. I’m an addict. Those post run endorphins keep me coming back for more and more. I ran last night and no less than 12 hours later I’m back at it – this shit is good! Following some local insight I made my way along the River Avon today towards the Clifton Suspicion Bridge to take in the city views. Despite the cold, overcast weather the views did not disappoint. As I approached the top I was feeling good…pumped…high! As I got to theRead More

Run 20 – Warrior or ordinary man?

Posted on 26th January 2017

I’m in Bristol today! Did you know the chocolate bar was invented here? Didn’t think so. In 1847 a dude by the name of Joseph Fry found a way to mix  cocoa powder, sugar and cocoa to manufacture a paste that could then be molded into a chocolate bar for eating. This magic happened in what is now the Odean Cinema in the fancy shopping district of Broadmead. I was hardly up for a run when I finished up at 8pm but managedRead More

Run 19 – Numbers

Posted on 24th January 2017

I subscribe to a number of newsletters of which Darius Foroux is one. Before I headed out on my run this morning I read a post he put up on why he runs – this made me think a little more about why I run…turns out it’s simple…to get better! This tied nicely into my listening of the E-Myth today as Michael talks about the importance of the numbers (snippet here). In short, it’s pretty hard to get better at something if you having nothing toRead More

Run 18 – Sunday Church 

Posted on 23rd January 2017

Some people got to church, some people mediate and some people run. The highlight of my running week is very often a Sunday social session. Monday to Friday I enjoy the solidarity of solo running, it’s time used to listen, learn and reflect. Just like the end of a work week by the time Sunday comes I’m ready to unplug my headphones, adjust the pace (up our down depending on the group) and enjoy the chit-chat. We did 12km this morning whichRead More

Run 17 – Man with a plan

Posted on 20th January 2017

Ray Kroc was a man with a plan! If you don’t know who he is I can tell you this….he’s the reason you are able to eat a big Mac, that always tastes the same, at over 36,ooo McDonald’s restaurants (if you can call them that), across 119 countries around the world. As I ran over Wimbledon common, through Richmond Park, and along the Kingston upon Thames River bank (not my usual route) I listened to Michael dissect the mean machine thatRead More

Run 16 – Inexplicable beauty

Posted on 19th January 2017

Another great show by mother nature today. The beauty in Bushy Park at this time of year really is something. I stopped for over 10 minutes purely cause I couldn’t stop myself taking photos. My three favourites below; although another 25 or so you can find here. The E Myth contains lessons I feel like I know but have never heard in such a succinct, structured, and slightly sarcastic manner. It’s a reminder of the realities in starting a business and what lays beyondRead More

Run 15 – Reflection

Posted on 18th January 2017

Paul died. Yup, the end of When breath becomes air was always going to be a sad one. The ray of light at the end of the sad story is the birth of Paul’s daughter Katie months before his passing. Listen to these heart felt words if you need a reminder of what’s important in life. For book number three of 2017 I chose The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E Gerber – the entrepreneurial myth: the myth that most people who start small businesses areRead More