Run 14 – Justification

Posted on 17th January 2017

Getting out this morning needed zero justification. All that that I needed to justify was my sudden change of plan. I had all good intentions of attempting a less travelled route this morning although when I saw the fog in Hampton court Golf course from across the Thames River there was enough justification to alter the plan. Being on the North side of the river when the sun is rising over a blanket of fog floating on crispy grass isRead More

Run 13 – The Tortoise and the Hare

Posted on 16th January 2017

Remember Aesop’ famous fable of tortoise and the hare? If not you can watch this 1934 Disney video here. In today’s listening Paul uses the story in a surgical analogy where he shares how surgeons must do their work not only quickly, but with with absolute precision – to be a tortoise and a hare. This fable has various interpretations. For me the message is clear; never underestimate anyone, always remain humble, and enjoy the journey not just the destination…and this is never moreRead More

Run 12 – Hypothalamus

Posted on 15th January 2017

Hypothalamus – the portion of the brain that is responsible for our basic drives like hunger, sex, and the desire to go out and do exercise. Seemed appropriate in today’s listening given this morning I had zero desire to get out. Normally Sunday running is with the guys from our little local run club (Sounds Good Run Club) but as it goes today ended up being a lonely 8km slog..pretty lame but at least I managed to burn off a few of theRead More

Run 11 – Headlamp

Posted on 13th January 2017

Running along a cold, foggy river-path at 6am has a certain eeriness about it. Moving into When Breath Becomes Air mid-run yesterday after finishing Running man moments before was not easy. It felt like the transition in a long distance triathlon from bike to running….really bloody hard. Today’s listening was easy. Paul writes about his first year at medical school where he is given a cadaver to cut up and study – A very real encounter of what a docsRead More

Run 10 – Another brick in the wall

Posted on 12th January 2017

Today I completed Running Man, audiobook one of hopefully 50 this year. It appropriately ends with Charlie on the start line of Bad water. He closes with some profound words that pretty much share his life mantra; Basically, he says that it’s not the circumstances that we are dealt that define us, but rather that the fabric of who we are is how we cope and adapt (snippet here) – As his epic story came to an end I couldn’tRead More

Run 9 – Happy Tracks

Posted on 11th January 2017

All good stories have a happy ending right? I’m 92% of the way through audiobook number one, Running Man by Charlie Engle and that happy ending is in sight. Charlie is released from jail, but ahead of his release runs the Bad Water 135 mile equivalent around the prison quarter mile track. It’s whilst running around the track, in prison, that Charlie realises that he is happy again (you can listen to the snippet here). Although my run today was local, I veeredRead More

Run 8 – Ticket for a day

Posted on 10th January 2017

10 days into 2017 and already I feel like I’m cheating on running. I haven’t posted this as when it’s in writing it feels harder to back out…given it’s not real ink maybe it doesn’t count? Anyway, I started 2017 with the idea of logging 3500 running kilometres. That’s pretty much running from London to Jerusalem as the crow flies – I thought it would be good to get there by Christmas time. Today I went out to Windsor to view a second hand K2Read More

Run 7 – Incarceration

Posted on 9th January 2017

  I know for many Monday morning can feel like going back to jail. I felt lucky this morning to be in my trainers as I passed gloomy looking motorist on my run down to the river. In today’s listening Charlie appropriately spends an hour talking about the IRS case against him, that leads to his two year incarceration. By the time I made it over to Hampton court Palace Charlie’s story, the cloudy grey sky and miserable motorist madeRead More

Run 6 – Will not stop for autographs

Posted on 8th January 2017

  First run club run of the year. No audiobook listening. The idea for this Sunday’s run was to get off the beaten track and do a 25km loop though as much greenbelt as possible. Simple criteria right? Right. Not planning too much for these runs is what makes them so good. Not knowing exactly where you’re going, what you’ll find, or who you’ll meet.  Today we trudged through sodden fields, came to face to face with an old lady making her morningRead More

Run 5 – Perfect

Posted on 6th January 2017

There are those days when our maker decides to show-off…today was without a doubt one of them. I decided to head into Hampton court park suspecting that with the frosty cold weather and early morning sun I’d be in for a treat. Just perfect it was. Today I share this clip from Running Man. When running across the Sahara Charlie, Ray and Kevin pick a word of the day – in today’s listening it just so happens to be perfect. Looking at thisRead More